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Roasting & Quality

We take pride in our unique roasting profiles. We've crafted them to understand changes of seconds at various times in the roast in order to highlight the inherent and diverse flavor profiles of each individual variety and harvest. From bright, clean, lemon acidity - to stone, sweet, fruitiness - or even velvety chocolate decadence - we’ve invested time to highlight the best inherent qualities of these coffees.

As dedicated as we are to developing the quality of these taste profiles, we are equally committed to our responsibility in producing these coffees. In addition to working with farmers in Direct Trading and Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Shade Grown certifications, we invested heavily in our Loring Smart Roaster. Using state-of-the-art technology and the unique Flavor-Lock Roast Process, we are able to roast great coffee for you, and still be friendly to the environment.

The Flavor-Lock Roast Process creates a closed-loop roasting environment where the gas burner simultaneously superheats the spent air to incinerate the smoke and odor before they leave the roaster while also heating the clean air to the perfect temperature for roasting great coffee. By multitasking the roaster’s burner we no longer need to operate an afterburner. One burner instead of two means we can reduce our energy consumption by up to 80% all the while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a major win.

If that wasn’t enough, the Loring also roasts some pretty awesome tasting coffee! This is partly due to the enclosed system. This system creates a stable and ideal roasting environment that increases humidity while eliminating oxygen...whether or not we are in the dog days of a Maine summer or the frosty freeze of winter.

Our team works hard to also cup every batch that comes off the roasters. During these cuppings we are evaluating the fragrance, aroma, taste, texture, and finish to ensure that the coffee matches the profile. Details and notes are logged into our system and tied to the batch number on each bag. Green coffee can be affected by age or climate, so we are constantly making tweaks - ensuring dependably flavorful and nuanced coffees make your way to you.

Consistently clean - unforgettably tasty.