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Organic Coffee

Organic practices within any industry are the gold standard in order to preserve and protect our natural, shared environment.

Organic coffees are grown intentionally without the use of pesticides or herbicides. A third-party certifier is hired to monitor the growing and often assists the farmer in carrying out the most cost effective and socially responsible methods of producing their crop.

Most small organic farms are heavily vested in the practice because entire families and communities work the land, so the use of pesticides and herbicides can have negative impacts on their areas. The cost for certification is often prohibitive to smaller farms and although many of our growers practice organic methods, recycling, composting, shade growth, and soil rotation – they can not acquire the official organic certification. We maintain relationships with smaller farmers who align with these values, but may just not have access to getting the proper certifications. This is why not all of our coffees are organic certified, but can still be backed by sustainable practices.

Crop production is often greatly reduced without the use of chemicals. Organic coffee is priced slightly higher than non-organics in order to help compensate the farmer for their additional labor and reduced crops. Your purchase of these coffees enables these practices to be maintained, while supporting a value that could one day be an industry-wide standard, affordable to all.