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Direct Trade

Mainers are known for their humility, honesty, and authenticity. Guided by acting the in best and most thoughtful interest of their local communities, folks from the great state of Maine are like no other. Charming, generous, consistent and entirely unique - relationships between Mainers resemble the coffee partnerships we aim to hold beyond our rocky coast.

Our partnering with farms in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Cameroon goes beyond traditional Fair Trade practices. By providing a direct outlet for these farmers, we assure them a higher premiums set in advance, and provide resources for crop quality controls, promotion of sustainability, increased worker wages and living conditions and help in maintaining a viable community.

Direct Trade gives farmers the ability to negotiate higher pricing based on the quality of their coffee. Although coffee pricing is traditionally set by the daily swings of the commodity market, we establish pricing together with farmers based on their needs rather than the fluctuation of the market. Together we take a longer-term perspective that looks at creating a sustainable farming model - to make the connection between farmers and consumers which creates lasting relationships.