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Benbows Coffee - Bar Harbors Beacon

Founded in 1985 in historic and picturesque Bar Harbor, Benbows Coffee is the oldest coffee roaster in Maine and was one of the pioneers of Specialty Coffee in New England.

John Benbow, a seventeenth century admiral in the Royal Navy, traveled the world with courage and determination. He used his fearless and bold nature to build a legacy that is still celebrated today. Inspired by the bravery of Admiral Benbow, Benbows Coffee has foraged a new path in the coffee industry.

Steadfast, spirited, and tenacious, Benbows Coffee has spent over three decades continuing to evolve as an innovative and purpose-driven brand, earning a loyal following for its artful blends, funky personality, and great tasting coffees.

We roast artisan coffees on state-of-the-art equipment using sustainable practices from farm to cup - all the while developing long-lasting relationships with talented and hard-working coffee farmers from around the globe.