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The name “Benbows” comes from Admiral John Benbow, a British naval captain who traveled the world with courage and determination.

Founded in 1985, Benbows Coffee is the first and oldest coffee roaster in the state of Maine.  For the last three decades, Benbows has put quality and consistency first, while constantly working to improve practices by researching the newest technologies.

While we always strive for the best tasting coffees, we are always working to be more eco-friendly.  Our green roasting facility allows us to produce exceptional coffee, while maintaining and promoting a healthy environment.   As part of our environmental focus, we seek out coffees that are Fair Trade and Organic or Rainforest Alliance Certified. 

In 2003, we purchased the first Loring Smart Roaster.  This roaster carries the sustainable practices into the roasting process because it uses 80% less fossil fuel than an average roaster, and produces 80% lower emissions as well.  It’s the greenest way to roast coffee! 

With the highest quality always in mind, we develop long lasting relationships with the farmers from whom we source.  We strive to be environmentally responsible from seed to cup!