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About Us

We've been roasting coffee for 3 decades and every day we ponder how we can make our coffee more perfect.

Our roasting profiles are unique. We've honed them to understand changes of seconds at various times in the roast to highlight the inherent bright clean lemon acidity or stone sweet fruitiness or velvety chocolate that individual varieties hold.

As committed as we are to the taste profiles, we are equally committed to our responsibility in producing these coffees. In addition to working with farmers in Direct Trading and Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Shade Grown certifications, we invested heavily in our Green Roasting Facility and the world's first Eco-Roaster.

Our Green Roasting Facility was built around our Roaster. A separate cool room holds our green beans in storage while our roasting area is brightly lit with natural sunlight. Airy high ceilings provide a gallery-like atmosphere – after all, as artisans we deserve a wonderful space in which to practice our craft. The natural light means we rarely have to turn on any lights. The heat from the roast provides enough warmth that we rarely, if ever, turn on our heat.

We were one of the first roasters world wide to commission this special roasters to be build. It reduces gas consumption by 80% and the emissions, rather than being thrown into the atmosphere, are burned and sent back as the source of heat for roasting. Reductions in emissions have been monitored at 80% reduction compared with conventional roasters.

Even more impressive is the roast quality. Consistent and clean, the end result is a unique taste that highlights the best qualities of the coffee.