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  • 10 - Turkish: Dense oiling, black bean, body continues to be heavy, no acidity showing, dark bittersweetness bordering on burnt chocolate 
  • 9 -  Italian: Heavy oiling, bean blackening, very heavy body with little or no acidity. bittersweetness becomes the prevalent characteristic. 
  • 8 - French: Oil showing, bean dark brown, heavy body, smoky coco notes replace the delicate florals and fruit. 
  • 6 - Full City +: Just after 2nd crack...body development continues. acidity is reduced while maintaining fruitiness. the start of the development of coco notes.
  • 5 - Full City: At 2nd crack...moderates acidity and show fruity sweetness. continues to build body. chocolate and coco appearing. 
  • 3 -  City: Just before 2nd crack...captures lighter acidity and delicate aroma. sweetness is enhanced. the beginning of building body. 
  • 1 - Light: Just after 1st crack...exaggerates the floral/fruit aromatics and flavor marked by a bright clean acidity.