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Water Processed Decaf Master Blend Espresso

Water Processed Decaf Master Blend Espresso

Coffee Facts


  • Variety: arabica
  • Roast: 2 Light +
  • Cupping Profile: syrupy sweet marzipan

An espresso decaf specifically for espresso machines/makers.  This is not a dark roasted blend but rather a unique mild roast that exaggerates the quality of qualities expected in an espresso.

$12.99 per lb.

Used as the base for our decaf espresso, the rich body and cashew flavors emanate from the cup.  It makes a perfect contribution to an espresso blend with its heavy body and rich crema.  It adds the sweet, bittersweet chocolate notes to our fine espresso.  So as to avoid the charred ash tastes normally found in dark roasted espresso, we highlight the maple sweetness of this cup by pulling the roast on the light side.

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