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Master Blend Espresso

Master Blend Espresso

Coffee Facts


  • Roast: 6 Full City +
  • Cupping Profile: for espresso machines only: rich crema, marzipan, cocoa

The darker coffees are roasted; the flavors, aromatics and acidities diminish.  The trade off is the building of body and the creation of bittersweetness.  Made as drip coffee you can find these differences and make your preference.  However, once translated to an espresso machine the game changes.  Lighter roasts accentuate characteristics.  Darker roasts extractions are simply bland.

$11.99 per lb.

Our Master Blend Espresso is strictly roasted for espresso machines and created with individual estate coffees that highlight crema, aroma and a syrupy flavor. As an example, Brazilian Daterras enrich our Master Blend Espresso. Daterra's plantations are located at an average altitude of 3,800 ft (1,150 m) under a stable temperature of around 70ºF (25ºC), which constitutes the perfect environment for Arabica Coffee production. Furthermore, the dry season during the harvest makes this region unique for the best Arabica coffees. The plantations, settled in different areas, are divided into 215 mini- farms and further subdivided into 2.816 blocks called "quadras", each of which is planted with a specific coffee variety. This plantation system ensures accurate monitoring and constant traceability of each quadra's historic track of rainfall, cultivation procedures and productivity.

Daterra Sunrise is a Red Bourbon from the Tabuoes Farm and has a deep hazelnut flavor with marzipan aromatics and the aftertaste is crisp and clean with a delicate cocoa note. This Rainforest Alliance coffee is a major constituent for our refined espresso.

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