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Organic Guatamalan Finca Utapa

Organic Guatamalan Finca Utapa

Coffee Facts


  • Region: santa rosa
  • Variety: arabica
  • Elevation: 1500-1800 meters
  • Roast: 2 Light +
  • Harvest: december thru march
  • Cupping Profile: sweet clean brightness
  • Process: wet processed, patio dried

Generations of the Santos family have passionately managed the small organic crop produced in the mountains of Santa Rosa.

$11.99 per lb.

Finca San Juan Utapa rises above the mountains south of Guatamala city.  Since the end of the 19th century, the Santos family has painstakingly worked the land to insure the red ripe cherries picked, wet processed, sun dried and milled on their own farm are perfect.   The overhead canopy insures a healthy crop in a natural setting.  The shade grown strictly hard beans produce a smooth, clean and distinct cup.

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