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Nutty Fisherman

Nutty Fisherman

Coffee Facts


  • Roast: 4 City +
  • Cupping Profile: mandarin, winey fruit, juicy citrus

If you only have a single cup of coffee each day, it needs to be this Direct Trade coffee that consistently pleases.  Nutty Fisherman never disappoints  - whether your first cup of the day or your sixth cup after dinner with guests.

$11.99 per lb.

From day one, our most popular blend.  Created for local lobsterman to get them up and going on cold winter Maine mornings, our signature blend should be your wakeup call as well.  Immediately obvious is that this is an inherently strong coffee highlighted with bright citrus notes in a heavy body.  The nuances need to be searched for and savored…sweet honeysuckle, spicy cocoa, maple nutmeg. 

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