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Black Magic

Black Magic

Coffee Facts


  • Roast: 7 French -
  • Cupping Profile: subtle cocoa bittersweet, dark wild fruit, chocolate butterscotch cream

Black Magic is a blend made up from Peaberries. Comprising a mere 3% of the total harvest, these highly sought after beans are scare and in high demand for their sweetness.

$11.99 per lb.

During maturation, only a single bean develops inside the coffee cherry rather than the normal two. As a result, all of the nutrients and flavor flow to this individual bean and increases its complexity. Sorting out the Peaberries is tedious but well worth the end result.

We roast these beans just shy of a true French roast. The oils are clearly showing but with the compacted interior of this small bean, going any further would add a charred note. Our results produce a mellow darkness that is truly creamy with a subtle cocoa bittersweetness.

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